{She who refreshes others shall herself be refreshed}

The Refresh Leadership Circle is an incubator community for women who want to leave their mark on the world while achieving soulful success. IT IS A COMMUNITY OF SOULFUL WOMEN, LIVING AND LEADING WITH FAITH, GRACE AND EXCELLENCE. 

In the Refresh Leadership Circle, you get the following...


Meet our founder

Ekene Onu is the founder of the Refresh leadership circle. She is a leadership consultant & executive coach, inspirational speaker and author. She spent almost two decades working as a pharmacist before answering her soul's calling to empower and support women as faithful powerhouses who can change the world.


"I created the RLC because I saw a need for a place for women of all walks of life to get the resources, support and tools they need to create soulful successful lives on their own terms. Success that starts from the inside and radiates out.  As women who are taking the lead, we need a place that can support us in being the women we desire to be but also where we can find help if we are feeling at our worst. 

The RLC is a place where women can learn skills like networking, being financially savvy, executive presence and more in order to grow as an executive or business owner and the internal skills like emotional wellness & relationship building to grow as a woman

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