{She who refreshes others shall herself be refreshed}

Watch this testimonial from one of our members


Testimonial from a member

Since being a part of the RLC, I must honestly say that my life is consistently being reengineered and I’m being urged daily to look inwardly and take honest stock of what is revealed and then make changes if needed. You constantly remind me each and every day that I am woman of purpose and I have no other choice than to live out my full potential authentically. 

Secondly, the connections I have made since being a part of this family has been amazing. The women are transparent, authentic and always cheering each other on.  I connected with Tayo who is now my business bestie and this relationship is priceless! Together we have been able to bounce ideas off of each other and push ourselves further than we could have done alone. Our relationship would never have been possible without the RLC, and I’m so excited about the future of our relationship. - Nikki www.shopvelvetqueen.com

The Refresh leadership circle is a women’s network dedicated to refreshing women so they can go out and refresh the world. 

We provide holistic leadership training, coaching support and strategic mastermind alliances that will help you be more successful in your whole life, whether you are a corporate maven, a passionate entrepreneur, a domestic goddess or all of the above. 

Whether you aspire to bring forth your creative side or become a business powerhouse, this is the group for you. 

The RLC will support women in achieving soulful success so they can lead extraordinary lives and step into their highest levels of relevance. 

It will be an online space where women can get the tools, resources and community they need to step into their personal power and start creating lives that they love and also live in-person events where they can foster community, contribute to their world and be engaged at a higher level.

The RLC is not just one dimensional, because women are not one dimensional, we want to support you in body, mind and spirit. So we will have training and experiences to enhance you physically, emotionally and spiritually as well.

While the Refresh leadership circle is inclusive of all faiths, we are built on christian principles and our guiding scripture is Proverbs 11:25. We believe that in order for us to lead & pour into others, we have to be intentional about our own refreshing and this is what the network provides. 

The RLC provides resources in 

  • Wellbeing
  • Relationship building
  • Leadership development
  • Career growth and entrepreneurship
  • Financial stewardship and wealth building

The Refresh Leadership circle is a place where

  • women get to define success on their own terms 
  • women get the support they need and want 
  • women have no more false choices, instead we set authentic and audacious goals 
  • No more feeling small, every woman has value
  • women are the true creators of their reality 
  • we honor the fullness of who they are

Meet our founder

Ekene Onu is the founder of the Refresh leadership circle. She is a leadership & executive coach and consultant and an inspirational speaker and author. She spent almost two decades working as a pharmacist before answering her soul's calling to empower and support women as faithful powerhouses who can change the world.


"I created the RLC because I saw a need for a place for women of all walks of life to get the resources, support and tools they need to create successful lives on their own terms. Women needed a network that focuses on holistic leadership that starts from the inside and radiates out. 

In the last year, I heard of at least three cases of women committing suicide. Professional women, and even women who could be considered change agents and thought leaders. And because I have seen life from a health care professional's perspective, I know how much stress and pain some women carry and how isolated they might feel.  As women who are taking the lead, we need a place that can support us in being our best but also where we can find help if we are feeling at our worst. 

A place where there is congruence between external skill sets like networking, being financially savvy, learning how to leverage your skills to grow as an executive or business owner and the internal skills like emotional wellness & relationship building to grow as a woman. A network that promotes without apology or dilution the connection between spirituality & our day to day lives.