We know there is a lot of great content here. This plan will help you decide what you want to watch and when to watch.


Foundation Of A Personal brand

Will you love to position your brand and stand out in your industry? We recommend you watch these;

Mastering Your Message

Marketing The Brand Called YOU

Power Presence

These are our top 3 but we suggest you watch Authentic Confidence. You have to be confident to push your brand.


Building A strong Emotional Core

Do you want to build a strong emotional core? We suggest these videos

Emotional Wellness Masterclass

One Thing You Need To Have The Best Life

How To Get Away From Negative Energy

Way Finder

We also know that you life happens and difficult relationships happen. If this is you, we suggest you watch these to help you rise above it

Navigating Difficult Relationships

How to Deal With Heartbreak

Despair To Destiny - No matter where you are in your faith this study will elevate and open your mind


From Idea To Business Plan

Do you have ideas and don't know exactly how to bring it to life? We have the entrepreneur tab where you can find great content on converting your ideas, but this is our top 4

Finding Your Purpose

Discover Your Feminine Power

Turn Your Passion To Business

The Lean Start Up


Thriving At Your Work Place - Cooperate or Entrepreneur

Creating Your Productivity Plan

Power Presence

Weekly Goal Setting

Creating Your Full Proof Strategy

Danger Of Being Busy

Maximize your network at your workplace watch Creating A Winning Social Strategy and Relationship Revenue

It is important to be confident in your work place so we suggest you watch  Authentic Confidence


Becoming A More Spiritual Woman

We suggest you watch these videos so you can lean into your best self

The refresh And Release Masterclass

Access Grace and Learn To Breathe

The Soulful Way

The Power Of Your Words

Revelation Of A New thing



Networking is important in any business or career. If you will love to leverage on it we suggest you watch ;

Authentic Networking

How To Network Soulfully

Strategic Collaboration

Why You Need A Success Bestie