How to refresh your holidays - Wisdom from Coach Ekene.   

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1. Believe that this season you will have joy, peace and more.

As long as you believe that this holiday season will suck then chances are it will. But if you change your mindset and choose to be joyful, choose to celebrate and more then we tap into the beauty that is in the season, this season when we celebrate the miracle of Christ. 

2. Clean out your clutter.

The end of the year is a great time to let go of things (and people) that no longer work for you. I don't mean kick them out of push them out. But let go. Honoring the role they once played. If they hurt you, let them go with the understanding that it is out of their humanity whether it be brokenness or otherwise. 

3. Give things away.

Maybe there is that one dress that you love but that doesn't fit. Give it away to someone who will be blessed by it. Clean out your pantry and give that away. Bless someone and open the door for more blessings. 

4. Don't prepare to survive your family this season.

Prepare to enjoy them. So often we are focused on all the things we dislike about people, spend some time thinking about all the things you like about the people that are going to be sitting around your table this season. And celebrate them for it. What you focus on grows. Make room for the best in them to grow.