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The Refresh Leadership circle is designed to support women in living soulful and successful lives as they walk their path of purpose.

This is for you if are wanting to invest in yourself and focus on your own personal and professional development. It will be like a gym for your life! Improve your quality of life, become happier, have more influence and be more purposeful and live a more significant life! 

You will have access to:

  • Weekly personal & professional development audio classes from lead coach, Ekene Onu

  • Access to our Learning Vault of video and audio masterclass seminars in everything from wellbeing, to wealth building, relationship tips and more.

  • Opportunity to present virtually on our platforms as one of our speakers, experts and more.

  • 4 PowerLABs a year so you can not only learn but implement and get RESULTS

  • Access to classes with our special guest experts - You will be able to speak to the experts yourself, have your questions answered, make valuable connections and all from the comfort of your own home!

  • Virtual networking with other members in our RLC social group

  • You will also receive a 15 - 20% discount on all live Refresh events

Join us today,

  1. Lean fully into your own peculiar gifts, talents, and passions: Infuse your passion and sensibilities into all of your work. People can't copy your passion, it sets you apart.

  2. Don't stagnate, Elevate!: When you stagnate, you stop innovating and expanding. When you move at the pace you should be moving at, people can't touch you because you are constantly moving.

  3. Seek the Divine: Hear God's voice to see what particular steps you should take. Connecting through prayer and meditation will transform your ability to manifest everyday miracles in your life.


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NOTE: All yearly memberships are non-refundable

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