Monetizing Your Oil Intensive Boot camp

There are many programs out there that tell you you can make millions marketing knowledge. Let me tell you a harsh truth, most people don’t or they make money for a while then they burn out because they aren’t pouring from an authentic place anyway.

This course is different. We want to help you build from what you already have. It’s inspired by the story of the widow and her oil in the Bible.

- Gain clarity so you can identify your oil

- How to get started and test the market for little to no money.

- How to refine your oil so you can command higher value for it.

- How to prepare your oil to sell it.

- Save yourself time - get a blueprint that works and avoid trying out so many things that may not work

- Unlock an additional source of wealth

When you sign up you get 2 (group master classes with the master coach herself - Ekene and 2 implementation guidelines after each strategy class.

You also get access to our entrepreneurship library with additional courses.

For just $247, you can transform your life forever. Now the advantage our YEARLY members have is that they gain access to the group intensives at no cost, our monthly members only have to pay ($97 for any intensive they choose!)

We have more group intensives coming up and they will be saving at least $1000 just for being members, so next time membership opens up, jump on it!

Get ready to step into a season of abundance.