New members orientation

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to the RLC!

This will be your home for inspiration, personal growth and professional development as a feminine powerhouse. Please review the information below, so you can map out your own personal path to success. 

First of all, please join the Refresh360woman community and ask to be invited to the private RLC group in there if you haven't already, because that is where you can ask all your questions (and don't be shy) tag@ekeneonu so she can see you and respond in a timely fashion. You can also connect to other members and ask questions, get feedback and offer your wisdom as well. 


Release and refresh

Sometimes what holds you back is not what you don't know, but what you are dealing with on the inside. We held a retreat for the RLC members to Release and if you feel like you need to relax, relate and refresh...carve out a few hours and take a personal retreat and watch this. 

Self Awareness

Do you know who you are? No matter how educated you are, if you don't have a clear sense of who you are, you will struggle to fulfill your highest potential. Here are two great starting points to get to know yourself. 

Watch this Facebook live training on how you can be more fascinating. Watch the Feminine PowerPack Masterclass on the Leaders classes page. Take the following assessments: 16personalities, 4 tendencies. Assessments are a great tool to begin to know yourself.


Productivity & goal setting

If you are feeling like you have been spinning your wheels and you want some ideas on being more productive. Do you have a clear vision for your life? If not, take the big vision class first. 

If you have a vision but feel like you are busy but not with results, you can watch the productivity masterclass. You can also watch the soulful weekly planning guide.



Do you feel harried & stressed?

Please visit the lifestyle and wellness section. You can take the Thrive masterclass. You can also take the Emotional Wellness masterclass

Do you need professional tools?

Head over and take the Executive Presence master class, or Authentic networking. You can also watch the live implementation session of those classes.

do you need business tools

Create a social strategy class and the nasty gal business case, for more visit our entreprenuership section.