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Welcome to The Abundance Sprint AKA The Money Sprint.  The focus of this sprint is to build wealth through the following channels  1. Save more 2. Earn more and 3. Invest more.

Here you will find tools and videos used during this sprint.



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Abundance & Margin

In other to access abundance you must create margins. Margin will help you create room for miracles and abundance.

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Wealthy Habits For Soulful Women

To access abundance, there are habits you need to let go and some you need to learn. Are you shaping your consciousness to wealth and abundance?

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Faith Plus Strategy = Success

Only faith won't cut  it, you will also need strategy. You need to position yourself and strategize  so that when the opportunity comes you grab it. Click here to watch


The spiritual secrets that govern success

Have you meditated? Are you thinking about the quality of your thinking? Click here to watch and learn those secrets

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What you need to know about Real Estate Investing With Thays Morgan. 

Thays is a Global Digital Marketing Communications Manager at the Coca-Cola Company.  In this role she manages a global intra-website in terms of content strategy, management, and marketing which serves a +10,000 user base. 

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Starting a business with zero capital and keeping the running cost low with V. Taybron

V. Taybron is the CEO SaVour V cakes , a cake empire she started with just $10. 

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