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Welcome to the Love Sprint. Here you will find all the videos and tools for this sprint. Let's level up on love !


The Love Sprint kick off & orientation call

This session will help you set your goals for the sprint, and also show you what to expect and what to do. Please click here to watch


Loved to love!

Learn how to really access your ability to give and receive love. Because you cannot give what you don’t have. Click here to watch


Fireside Chat with Gail Crowder. 

Deep conversations on Love, Infidelity and Conflict Resolution.

Click here to watch


Amplify Your Desire with Dr. Brandye Manigat

Dr Brandye is  a board-certified gynecologist and Libido Coach. 

Click here to watch 


The 5 Love Languages 

In every relationship, love goes a long way . It is a way to communicate, so if you can begin to understand the critical people in your life and how to speak the language of love to them, then you will be able to communicate more effectively with them. Click here to watch


Courageous Conversations

Deep conversations about real life issues.

For Loving while married and refreshing your marriage with Nikki, click here to watch and click here to download a guide from Nikki to refresh your relationship

For feminine energy & conscious partnering featuring Bunmi Oduah, click here to watch

For Loving while in difficult relationship with Sade Waters. Tips on how to recover from difficult / toxic relationships click here to watch