This is YOUR year to THRIVE & have SOULFUL SUCCESS


  • Do you want to start feeling stronger, healthier, sexier and more confident than ever before? 

  • Is this the year that you will get fit, improve or attract the most loving relationships, have more energy so you can perform better at work and reveal your inner bombshell? 

  • Do you frequently feel drained and exhausted, but yet you know you are not operating at your highest level of excellence?

Join the 10 Weeks Thrive Challenge!

We know everyone is going to be talking to you about weight loss. And while that matters for many of us, we aren’t interested in you just losing weight. We want you to live well and really have a better quality of life! And the good news is, if you follow the challenge prompts, you will start to lose weight as well! 

Why 10 weeks? Because new research shows it actually takes 66 days to build a habit, so we want you to lock in these wellness habits for life!

What will we focus on in the 10 weeks to Thrive challenge?

10 Refresh pillars. 

  1. Rest and relaxation

  2. Healthy Nutrition

  3. Exercise

  4. Emotional Wellness

  5. Your physical image

  6. Spirituality

  7. Sensuality & sexuality

  8. Love

  9. Gratitude

  10. Creativity & Fun, Pleasure 

You can join and be part of our FREE community of soulful, authentic and successful women. In this level you get;

  • Networking & support as you work through the pillars: Every week, we will work on a new pillar.

  • Inspirational and empowering content: We will also be curating content to support you as you move through the pillars of Thriving.


Join our Premium Membership to get full access to this challenge. This level is for the woman who really wants to WIN this year and who cannot afford to play small. This level will have a challenge WINNER who will get a complimentary ticket to our retreat in Puerto Rico.

In this level you get;

  • Refresh guide to thrive e-journaling book, with journaling prompts, scripture and guidelines. 

  • Direct access to our monthly phenomenal guest experts

  • Professional and personal development training

  • Group Coaching & Mentoring

  • In app weekly challenges and more. 

  • 30 simple & delish plant based recipes

  • Weekly audio classes from our founder Ekene to guide you through the process. 

  •  Networking with a community of like minded women on our private app. 

  • An assessment tool to track and celebrate your progress and accountability and more!

  • An opportunity to win a free ticket to our yearly Refresh retreat in Puerto Rico valued at $2000*

*Winner must be a premium member through the challenge period and at the time of winner selection and announcement which will be May 1st 2019.

If you can’t join the premium, never fear, join Refresh 360 and be part of an amazing affirming community.