5 things to do with your little ones this holiday

It a jolly time, a season of love and happiness. It is also a time to make memories and increase family bonding. Here are some ways to create memories and have fun with your little one this holiday

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Watch  A Movie

There some lovely ones out in the cinemas now example the Grinch. If you cannot go to the cinema, a good family movie would do.The littlest Angel is another great movie.  Get popcorn ready and watch together. Afterwards, share your takeaways and insights from the movie. Make sure you listen .


You can play games with them especially if you are hardly around or super busy. You could play puzzles, board games, or even video games.

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Bake Together

It may be messy but enjoy the moment. Get him or her a bowl and let them mix and whisk beside you. Guide your little one and make sure you bake the dough they made too. Let them know how proud of them you are and watch that confidence and happiness on their faces.

Setting up and Decorating a Christmas tree

If you don't have one already, maybe you should get one and see your little one's eyes light up! Let them participate in decorating the home this Christmas. May be make it a tradition, they will look forward to it each year.

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Be the student

Get your child to teach you an activity he or she learned. This could be how to play a musical instrument, a new language , new games, songs, dance step or even a skill but whatever it is be a good student and learn lol Kids love it when you're interested and even better when they get to teach you.